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First Caribbean Bank, San Cas Plaza, robbed

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

First Caribbean Bank at the San Cas Plaza near the northern entrance of Belize City was held up at gunpoint on Friday morning, and one of its employees had to be treated for injuries sustained during the incident.

The incident occurred shortly after the bank had opebed for business anf while it had several customers waiting for service.

Reports are that six men who wore no masks or facial covering, brazenly entered the bank, produced guns and ordered everyone, including the security guards, to “get down”. The men then jumped over the counter where the tellers were and ran off with money bags containing an undisclosed amount of cas. Police say that it appears that a green van waited outside for the men.

According to police, surveillance cameras have assisted police to close in on and detain three of the suspects, and they are looking for the other three men.

A policeman was stationed inside the nearby police booth at the front of San Cas Plaza, but he was not alerted of the incident until after it was over; and that took less than two minutes, by our report.

Unconfirmed reports are that as much as $100,000 was stolen in the incident. This is the second time in the last two years that the First Caribbean Bank at that location has been robbed at gunpoint.

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