Fire on Allenby destroys home; interrupts classes at St. Ignatius

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A fire last week Friday at 79 Allenby Street in Belize City destroyed the upper flat of a two-story concrete house, leaving two people homeless, and forcing the occupant of the lower flat and students at nearby St. Ignatius primary school to temporarily evacuate the area.
The Fire Department has determined that the cause of the blaze was a light plugged in above a bed, which eventually caused the building’s four breakers to trip, but by that time the fire had already ignited.

Gildardo Reyes, the owner who occupied the top floor along with Valentin Faldo, lost all his belongings, none of which was insured.
The occupant of the lower flat, whose identity fire officials did not get, reportedly smelled smoke and when he went to investigate, saw the upper flat was ablaze. and He sustained water damage to his belongings, the Fire Department said, and had to be evacuated.

The Department said an assessment of the losses was underway.
Smoke from the blaze also had an effect on students of St. Ignatius primary school , who had temporarily to evacuate their classrooms until the blaze was extinguished.

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