Fight in Corozal ends in death; minor charged with murder

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A young man who was to report for his first week of employment in San Pedro Town, and who would have celebrated his 25th birthday on Monday, was stabbed to death hours before he was scheduled to report to work.

The motive is still unclear, but Samir Vivas, 24, suffered a fatal stab wound in the abdomen near his grandmother’s house where he lived in the Venezuelan Site area of Corozal Town around 8:30 on Tuesday night.

One version of the story reports that Vivas was embroiled in a fight with a 15 year-old boy, who police say, accused him of stealing his bicycle.

The fight was brief and the knife that was used, ruptured vital organs. Vivas collapsed and died at his front door.
Police say Vivas was at home when the 15 year-old student of San Antonio Village confronted him and accused him of stealing his bike. They argued and got into a fist fight.
During the fight Vivas was stabbed in the stomach. The boy who handed himself in to police on Wednesday morning, has not yet reported the bike stolen.

Vivas’ mother however, contradicts the police’s version of events.
Annabel Vivas claims that the killing was over an abusive relationship that her niece had with the boy who did the stabbing.
She says that when her son, Vivas, confronted the teenage boy about it, they fought. She claims that her niece and the boy had had a tumultuous relationship and that her niece’s parents had banned him from visiting her.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother, who accompanied her son to the police station, has offered yet another version of events. She told reporters that her son admits he was in a fight with Vivas, he did not kill him.

She claims her son went to visit his girlfriend (Vivas’ cousin) to deliver a key to her, and that he waited for her because she was not at home. While he waited, Vivas approached him and inquired why he was accusing him (Vivas) of stealing his bicycle.

They both argued and the teenager decided to walk away, but Vivas grabbed him by the shirt and they fought.
The mother says Vivas collapsed, murmuring something, and her son left. She defended her son, saying he has never before gotten in trouble with the law and that he didn’t “move around” with weapons.

But the police have identified an eyewitness who reported that the teenager pulled out an “orange” object and thrust it into Vivas.

The deceased, Vivas, had been arrested and charged with a number of robberies in Orange Walk and Corozal, while the teenager has no criminal record prior to the stabbing incident.

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