Father killed on his way to pick up son for school

crimeAn apparent minor misunderstanding triggered this year’s thirteenth murder on Monday, when a gunman fatally shot Gary Andrew Bowen Sr., as he rode his bicycle at the junction of Partridge and Banak Streets.
Bowen was shot to the back of his head and the bullet reportedly exited through his forehead. Police scenes of crime officers removed eight expended 9mm expended shells from the scene.
Bowen’s girlfriend, Desiree Ortega, 27, the mother of his son, told The Reporter that she woke up a little after 8:00 a.m. and was waiting for Bowen to come and take their child to school.
While waiting, she explained, Bowen’s sister called her to inform her of what happened. Ortega said when she arrived at the scene he was already dead.
She pointed out that Bowen was not involved in any gang, and does not even have a police record; and regarding his death, she said, “I know people saw who killed him, but they won’t talk.”
The grieving mother said, “I don’t know how to cope. Today is my mother’s birthday, then last night my grandmother died and now my boyfriend has been killed.”
Bowen, who was also expecting another child, worked as a messenger for someone operating out of Placencia. According to Ortega, he also did “his little hustling” to survive, when he is not doing the messenger work.

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