Fatal Stabbing at Agric. Show

A stabbing incident at the Agriculture and Trade Show ended in death, after 24-year-old Dernell Brown of Hattieville was stabbed in the head creatimg a wound that killed him. Police say Brown got into a dispute with a group of men over a woman.. The men in the group had said something disrespectful about the woman and it caused the fight.
It is believed that both parties were a litle drunk as well. But Brown’s father claims otherwise.

Horace Brown claims that a young man who was with his son at the time told him that Dernell was walking around when a group of men pounced on them. The young man made no mention of a woman being involved.

Brown died at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday while receiving treatment. According to the doctor, the knife went through his head and was an inch away from pushing through to the other side. An x-ray showed that the knife cut across both eye sockets..A postmortem examination was conducted and it was concluded that the cause of death was “Supra Infradual and Subarachnoid hemorrhage” due to the stab wound to the head.

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