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Family receives death threats from extortionist

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Police in the Stann Creek district are investigating a series of death threats that a family has received from someone who has demanded money from them.

According to police, the threats started on the night of January 29th when Nelson Folgar, 37, a Honduran-born supervisor of Bella Vista Village, Stann Creek received a threatening phone call. Folgar told police the man who called from an unidentified number said that one of Folgar’s family members would be killed if he did not come up with $15,000.

A second threat came on Thursday afternoon when Folgar’s sister-in-law found a note making the same demand and threat. The note indicated the family had 72 hours in which to provide the money.

Then Folgar’s wife received two text messages encouraging her to convince him to pay the money. The Folgars have said they don’t know who the threats are from or why they were made and police have no leads as to who’s behind them.

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