Family arrested for drugs and amo stashed in Church roof

arrestedSix members of the Jones family were remanded to prison, after they were arraigned before Magistrate Dale Cayetano on Monday. 

Frank Jones, 47, a shipwright; Lydia Estrada, 46, a domestic; Deon Jones, 19, construction worker; Michael Jones, 21, construction worker;  Richard Jones, 18, laborer; and Rick Jones, 26, fisherman, all pleaded not guilty to two counts of illegal ammunition, one count of illegal firearm possession and one count of drug trafficking.

Their next court appearance has been scheduled for September 24.

Following their arraignment, Lydia Estrada told the Magistrate that the items were not found on their property.

On Friday, July 26, members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) searched the family’s home on Victoria Street home, but found nothing after their almost three-hour search.

The GSU, however, searched under the roof of the adjacent Merrirh’s Ministry church, where the GSU found 619 grams of marijuana.

The GSU search also yielded two different sets of 9 mm bullets, totalling eight 9mm rounds and one 0.38 calibre pistol.

According to the GSU, Richard and Rick Jones are reputed gang members, associated with the Victoria Street Bloods.

The GSU reported that the lead on all the 9mm rounds were filed, so that they could be fired from the 0.38 pistol.

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