Fake OW drivers licenses surface in Isla Bonita

Marion Ali – Assistant Editor

Officials from the Orange Walk Transport Department and its Town Hall are trying to figure out how a number of old driver’s licenses were forged and reproduced, and surfaced in San Pedro town this week.

The fake licenses, according to Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard, were produced using the old laminated cards and logos and transport officers in San Pedro discovered the licenses were fake because of a number of discrepancies. Bernard told the Reporter on Thursday that the licenses were easily detectable because they are of the old type which have been phased out. the new type, he said, was introduced in April of 2013, yet the newly “issued” licenses are the laminated ones they once used.

Bernard says while person or persons who may have once worked within the system, either at the Town Council or the Transport Department are likely the culprits responsible for the fake licenses, he is sure that the hanky-panky did not originate within the town council’s offices. He explained that the person behind the scheme may have samples of the old licenses and used it to make copies “to make a quick buck”.

So far, there are four fake driver’s licenses that have turned up, whose holders, Bernard points out, have been cheated on and are now part on an illegal scheme.
Deputy Coastal Executive Officer based in San Pedro, Inspector Henry Jemott told reporters that police have arrested four persons with ‘uttering a false document’ and related charges – offenses that carry heavy penalties if they are found guilty in a court of law.

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