Ex-cop remanded to prison for drug trafficking

By Anita Nembhard
Freelance Reporter

A former police officer, convicted of wounding his ex-girlfriend in 2014, has been nabbed by police again – this time for drug trafficking.
Ronald Ragan Sutherland, 30, was dismissed from the police force after a conviction for wounding in 2014. He was under surveillance by the Special Branch Unit, when he was caught with 111 grams of weed in his possession.

Sutherland appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser on Wednesday, where he was charged on a single count of possessing a controlled drug, with intent to traffic.
According to a police report, on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the police responded to information received from the Special Branch Unit, and searched Sutherland’s home on Adams Lane, Belize City.
They knocked on the front door and the officer asked if he had anything to declare. Sutherland then handed over a tightly-sealed bag, which contained a green leafy substance.

In court the parolee explained that his younger brother had visted the house earlier that day and left a bag. Sutherland said he knew what was in the bag, but thought his brother would return for it. He then told the court, “Dah never me they wanted to catch.”
But police say they have had Sutherland under heavy surveillance for some time.

At first, Sutherland pleaded guilty to Possession but not Drug Trafficking. After a few minutes, he changed his guilty plea to drug trafficking, then begged the court for leniency.
Having violated the conditions of his parole, Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser did not accept his guilty plea and denied him bail.
She explained that if the Parole Board does not revoke Sutherland’s parole, she will consider giving him bail. In the interim, Sutherland was denied bail and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until February 16, 2016.

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