Elderly couple held up and robbed at home in Corozal

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

A retired, elderly American couple was traumatized on Tuesday morning when they woke up at 1:00 a.m., to discover two unwelcome visitors in masks in their Ranchito Village home in Corozal. The burglars left them bound after stealing items worth almost $47,000 at gunpoint.

Michael McGhee, 70, and his wife, Janet, said that the intruders put .9mm semi-automatic guns in their faces, tied up their hands and feet and threatened to shoot them if they sounded an alarm while the invasion took place. The thieves went off with personal and household items worth more than $16,000, and their silver 2003 Dodge pickup truck worth almost $30,000.

The elderly husband and wife reported to police that they woke up to find the gunmen over their bed. The thieves forced the McGhees to lie face down on the floor, and demanding $5,000, which the man and his wife said they did not have at the time. The robbers then spent two hours stealing whatever they could, including the couple’s wedding bands, their television sets, computers, and other items and packed them in the couple’s pick-up truck and drove off with the loot.

Mrs. McGhee, who recently underwent a neck surgery, said when she realised the thieves had left, she was able to free her hands, her husband, and remove duct tape that the robbers had put over their mouths.

The McGhees are not the only ones to fall prey to home invasions in the area, and police have made no arrests in connection with the incident.

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