Drug plane found burnt in corn field

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

The police and the Belize Defense Force (BDF) are working together to determine the circumstances of a small aircraft that landed in a cornfield in rural Orange Walk on Sunday and then was mysteriously destroyed by fire before investigators could reach the scene.

The plane landing and subsequent fire occurred in Hill Bank village, a remote area near the northwestern side of the Belize/Mexico border, but the particulars of the aircraft, or its origin, could not yet be ascertained, since no member of the Civil Aviation Authority was present upon the initial inspection.

Mysterious plane lands in corn field and destroyed by fire

Mysterious plane lands in corn field and destroyed by fire

Assistant Inspector of Police, Alejandro Cowo told the media that police received information about the plane in the cornfield on Sunday and said when they responded to the scene, the plane was already burnt. He added that there is nothing to indicate that anything illegal was in the area or on the plane itself.

The area where the plane was discovered is a cornfield and there is no strip of land nearby that might be illegally used to land aircrafts, hence it is not certain if it caught fire upon a turbulent crash-landing in ears of corn.

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