Double homicide in Camalote…Russel Hyde Falls!

The murder of controversial Roaring Creek underworld figure Russell Hyde, 45, is just another chapter in an ongoing saga of violence surrounding that family.
Hyde and his companion, Roaring Creek hairdresser Marcy Humes, 27, were shot multiple times as they arrived at his hilltop Camalote home around 10:00 Friday nigh, August 28.

Another man who was with the couple managed to escape to tell the tale of blood and death.
Police told the Reporter that according to the witness, as they arrived at the gated compound in Camalote and got out the vehicle, they noticed men with flashlights running towards them.

MarcyHumes, who was nearest to the three gunmen, was killed first, shot to the body and legs. The witness claims he ran back in the direction from which they had come, while Hyde ran onto a dirt road next to the compound.
Hyde didn’t get far before a shotgun blast tore into his back. As he lay on the ground, his killers finished the job at close range.

Police sources say that it is hard to immediately focus on any one person who would want Russell Hyde dead.
He is believed to have been long involved in criminal activities in the West of the country. But investigators are following all angles to find the killers who ambushedHyde.

It is believed that Marcy Humes was collateral damage and Hyde was the prime target. Investigators will have a long, bloody trail to follow.
On May 18, 2015, Hyde’s common-law-wife Roselia Galvez, 44, was shot dead by a gunman who waited for the couple at the Belmopan junction.

A week after, the body of Hyde’s bodyguard, Edilberto Madrid, 28, was found floating in the Belize River near Hyde’s farm. His head was missing, along with his arms and legs.

One day after that, on May 27th, the body of Steven ‘Deeds’ Hyde, 51, was found buried in a shallow grave on Russell Hyde’s Camalote farm. His head and limbs had been chopped off so he could fit to the burial hole.
Following the deaths of Edilberto Madrid and Steven Hyde, Russell Hyde was detained as a prime suspect in those gruesome murders. Police could not find direct evidence to provide a link, and he was released.

The Hyde family has seen its share of violence, death and grief. Of 13 siblings, Russell is the 7th to die. Six of them have been killed in gun violence.
Two others are incarcerated at the Belize Central Prison, one of them s charged with murder.

Russell Hyde’s sister, Dorla Hyde Pitts, and her daughter Starlette had moved to the US many years ago. But in a bizarre twist to the tragedy hanging over this family, they were brutally slaughtered just weeks ago in their Florida home.

The man accused of those murders, which Florida Police called one of the worst they have seen, is Brian Hyde, Russell’s nephew who had just moved to the US.
Police sources tell the Reporter that they are seeking one man for questioning in the murder of Russell Hyde and Marcy Humes.

That man is believed to be able to provide answers to the unsolved murder of Roselia Galvez,Hyde’s commonlaw wife on May 18th.

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