Dispute over property leads to triple chopping. Cops arrest Dad

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

A father from San Pedro Colombia Village in Toledo faces two counts of attempted murder after he chopped his two sons, when they intervened in a domestic dispute to defend their mother.
In the process, one of the sons was critically wounded and is receiving medical treatment at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

Luis Co arrived at his house sometime after 9:00 p.m. last Wednesday very drunk and started to verbally abuse his wife. The dispute got out of control when Co charged at his wife, Maria Cucul and began to beat her, causing their two sons to step in and defend her.

That was when Co grabbed a machete and chopped one of his sons, Ormando in the head, his right hand,his right knee, his back and left hand. Co also chopped his other son, Daniel, 25, on the left hand.
Police say that during the rage Co also attempted to chop his wife, but before he could inflict any wounds to her, Daniel armed himself with a machete and chopped his father in the head, right knee and shoulder.

All three injured men were initially treated at the Punta Gorda (PG) Town hospital but Ormando Co was transferred to the KHMH and Luis Co was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital. Daniel Co is being treated at the PG hospital.

The Reporter has learned that the Co family has been having domestic problems with Luis Co since 2012 after a fire, which was allegedly set, destroyed his house.

His son, Ormando built another house but set ground rules for his father, who eventually had to be banned from the premises because he became unruly and confrontational whenever he drank alcohol.
The family later allowed him back home. Police say that Luis has been arrested several times for domestic abuse, but on every occasion the family has dropped the charges. This time, however, they have proceeded with pressing criminal charges against him.

Police say the charges against Luis include two counts of attempted murder upon his two sons and one charge of aggravated assault upon his wife. No charges will be filed against Daniel Co because he wounded his father in self defense, police said.

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