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Discarded fetus found in Dangriga

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

A Dangriga community is shaken this weekend, after they discovered a discarded fetus partially eaten by dogs.

Dangriga police say they got a call just before 3 p.m. on Thursday, alerting them that the fetus was on the roadside. Police investigations revealed that the fetus was discarded in an overgrown lot on Pen Road in the Benguche area.

It had been thrown there wrapped in a piece of cloth, reportedly set on fire, only to have the dogs find it later and remove it. Police took the fetus to the Dangriga hospital, where they determined that it was between six and seven months old. They contacted Dr. Mario Estradabran who will conduct a postmortem examination, the results of which will be released sometime next week.

In Belize abortion is an indictable offense, governed by the criminal code. The penalty for an abortion can extend up to life imprisonment. The Reporter will follow up as the story progresses.

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