Deportee finds death in Orange Walk. Is there a drug connection?

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Orange Walk police have charged Alexis Ramirez and Dennis Reneau with the murder of Luis Campos, 26, who was recently deported from the United States.
Campos was discovered stabbed to death in a small wooden structure beside a horse stable on Sunday morning in Orange Walk Town.

Police were initially summoned to Cuello’s stables around 3 o’clock on Sunday morning, but didn’t see anything suspicious. They were summoned by another urgent call four hours later and that was when they discovered the body inside the hut which Campos occupied. He was lying on his side, wrapped in a sheet and had stab wounds over his chest and face and his throat was slached.

Police say there is nothing to suggest there was an argument or a struggle at the stables, and believe the pair went there after leaving a birthday party in the town.
Luis Campos had been arrested and charged some time before for drug possession and for handling stolen property.
Ramirez and Reneau have on remand until April 29th.

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