Dash for Freedom…Prisoner Torres jumps from moving pick-up

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Angel Torres, 37, remains at large after he jumped out of a moving police transport while being taken to the Hattieville Prison last Thursday.
Torres is facing a charge of aggravated assault and was in the process of being remanded when he fled.

Torres was taken to court after his brother charged that he had used a machete to assault him.
Torres escaped by dashing out of the pan of the police pick-up truck, which slowed down as it approached the Toll Bridge crossing on the outskirts of Orange Walk Town.

Police set chase, but Torres got away when he jumped into a creek that leads to the New River. Police fired two warning shots, but it did not discourage Torres in his escape plan.
Police have now turned to the public for assistance and have warned that it is a criminal offence with possible prison sentence for any person to provide shelter for any prisoner wanted by the police.

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