Dangriga police searching for robbers turned killers

By Michelle Sutherland

Staff Reporter

Four robbers turned  killers  are on the run in Belize City after they killed a Good Samaritan, who had stopped to offer them assistance on the Coastal Road early Monday morning.

On May 15, at 1:26 p.m., police visited the scene of a traffic accident in the vicinity of White Bridge Farm on the Coastal Road in Stann Creek, where cops discovered the body of Guatemalan national, 39-year-old Eduardo Samuel Caal.

Caal had  a gunshot wound to his forehead, lying face down in a pool of blood beside an overturned Ford Explorer.

Investigators say that the group of bandits were escaping from the scene of a robbery in Silk Grass village, which occurred earlier that day and were making their way to Belize City in the rented Ford Explorer when their  car overturned on the road.

It is believed that Caal, who was travelling behind the men, witnessed the accident and stopped to help them out of the crushed vehicle. He was  overpowered, shot in his forehead and his vehicle was used as the get -away ride.

Sr. Supt. Ralph Moody, commander of Dangriga police told the Reporter on Thursday that no one has been detained for the murderH however, investigators are pursuing solid leads into the identity of the persons  involved.

Caal’s vehicle was found abandoned 10 miles outside La Democracia Village on Monday night. His body was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital on Tuesday afternoon.


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