Customs Broker fined for stealing

Justin Longsworth is a 29 year old customs broker accused of stealing eleven flat screen television sets from his employer, the  customs brokerage house of  Valdez Global Shipping.

Last  week a  court convicted Longsworth of stealing  from his employer and ordered to pay a fine amounting to $1,100.              .

It did so after seeing  documentary evidence that the  Customs had delivered the TV sets into Longsworth’s possession.                         .

The evidence showed that Longsworth did clear eleven 49-inch flat screen TV sets from the Customs, but appropriated them for his own use. The sets were never delivered to their rightful owner, and the police have been unable to  track down  ten of them .

A truck driver, employed to  transport the TV sets, testified  at the trial that he was rewarded with one of the TV sets as payment for his service.

Police have declined to prosecute the truck driver, Francisco J. Gutierrez, in return for his help in testifyung gainst Longsworth.

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