Cop dies after severe beating in George Town

In George Town policeman beaten and died in gerogevile jpg 2Independence Police confirmed on Tuesday that they have detained two brothers pending investigation into an incident that resulted in the death of a vacationing police constable in George Town Village.

Around midnight on Sunday, August 4, Police Constable Roy Robert Fernandez, who is attached to Prescient 1, in Belize City, was walking in the company of two women, on an unnamed street in George Town.

According to police, Fernandez and the two women were followed by the brothers who began cursing at him. One of brothers is an ex-common-law husband of one of the women.

At some point, the brothers reportedly attacked Fernandez, badly beating him; however, he did not make an official police report about the incident.

He also failed to seek medical attention for a swollen face, burst bottom lip and the pains that he was suffering from to his upper body.

Six days after the incident, Fernandez began complaining of severe pains and was experiencing problems urinating.

Fernandez, after he could not urinate, was taken to the clinic in Independence Village, where he later died around 5:40 p.m.

His body was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital, in Dangriga, for a postmortem examination.

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