Convicted child molester,  Nicannor Fermin will spend 18 years behind bars

c r2Nicannor Fermin, 41, who was convicted last  month on multiple counts of carnal knowledge, was sentenced to 64 years in prison, after a mitigation hearing in the Supreme Court of Justice Troadio Gonzalez, on Friday.

On July 31, a jury of nine deliberated for a little under three hours, before returning guilty verdicts on six counts of carnal knowledge against Fermin.

Justice Gonzalez sentenced him to 18 years for the first two counts, because the child was younger than 12, and seven years each for the other four counts, which occurred when the child was over 14 years old.

Gonzalez stipulated that the sentences are   to run concurrently. This means that Fermin will spend 18 years behind bars.

At the trial, the victim gave graphic, detailed testimony about how Fermin sexually molested her, and about how he had threatened her if she should refuse to have sex with him.

Fermin defended his actions, telling the court that he was only trying to point the victim in the right direction, because she was already involved with a man who was too old for her.

Fermin began molesting the child since she was 9 years-old. He continued to do so up to the time she entered high school.

In high school, the child picked up the courage to report the matter to one of her teachers. This  led to the arrest and subsequent indictment of Fermin, in 2010.

During the mitigation hearing, Fermin’s common-law wife, Deborah Swazo, testified, telling the court that he is the father of her child and that if he goes to jail for a long time, it would affect the future of  their child.

Elizabeth Pratt, a woman who had lived with Fermin for eight years, testified that she has three girls and not once had he interfered with them. Pratt also begged the judge to show mercy on Fermin.

Four of Fermin’s other family members also testified on his behalf, describing him as a dedicated, disciplined and hard-working individual.

When he briefly addressed the court, Fermin told the court that he has no other problem with the law and that this was his first criminal offense.

Crown Counsel Leroy Banner presented the prosecution’s case. Nicannor Fermin was unrepresented  in court by an attorney.

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