Convicted Belizean on the lam in Guatemala

By Marion V. Ali Staff Reporter

Convicted kidnapper, Joseph Ryan Budna, 33, a Belizean man who was serving a 25-year prison sentence in Guatemala, is reportedly on the run after he escaped from law enforcement authorities on Monday.

Budna, who was accused last year for leading a regional kidnapping ring and later found guilty of kidnapping an American boy, was under guard at the Regional Hospital of Zacapa, a town on the eastern part of Guatemala.

It is not certain how Budna managed to escape two police guards, but the Prensa Libre of Guatemala is reporting that those officers are now under investigation.
Budna, who also came under attack and was reportedly blackmailed prior to his conviction in 2013, sought the assistance of Guatemalan police to rescue him.
In the process, the police shot and killed one of two men who were threatening him.

At least two other allegations of the same nature have been made against Budna, for which he still has to stand trial.

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