Concrete house collapses with family inside

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Members of a Ladyville family are in shock but otherwise without serious injury after a concrete house collapsed from its stilts last Friday.
Vincent Bahadur, a 64 year-old retired security guard and his family were inside the house when the 12-foot stilts buckled without warning and the structure came crashing down. Bahadur’s sister-in-law and brother, who were in different rooms at the time, only received minor facial injuries.
They were treated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and subsequently released.

During the novel ordeal, the walls crumbled, many of the windows shattered and the verandas were destroyed.
Bahadur lost a great deal of his household items. When he listed and tabulated them all, he estimated his loss at around $15,000. The rear of his Plymouth Voyager pickup truck, which was partially parked under the house when it fell, was crushed.

Bahadur remained in the house for two more nights before making an arrangement to stay with a neighbour. He said that he had been renting the house for three years from a landlord who lives in the United States.
Bahadur explained that he has written to the landlord, requesting financial compensation, however, a response is still forthcoming.

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