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Coast guard member and businessman busted with almost 6 pounds of weed in vehicle speakers

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

Three persons, including a Coast Guard member, face drug trafficking charges after they were nabbed with almost six pounds of marijuana on Friday.

Police say that members of their Orange Walk formation’s Quick Response Team executed a police check point at the Toll bridge and intercepted a Ford Escalade SUV coming from Chetumal towards Ladyville. A search of the car netted 2669.7 grams (close 6 lbs) of cannabis in one of the speakers.

Driving the vehicle was Alrick Smith, a mechanic of Ladyville village; and accompanying him was Norely Cruz, a Coast Guard of Ladyville village and Ming Pei Chuy, business man of Lords Bank Village.

Police searched of one of the vehicle’s speakers and discovered three large parcels wrapped in plastic that contained the cannabis. The parcels were weighed at the Orange Walk Police Station. 

All three occupants of the vehicle have since been arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking and are presently being held at the Orange Walk Police Station.

According to Officer in Charge of the Orange Walk Police Station, Inspector Nicholas Palomo, police had suspicions of Smith’s activities and had been gathering intelligence of him passing through the northern town. Police believe the three were trafficking the drugs from Chetumal to retail it in Belize City. 

Smith has a record of being affiliated to the PIV street gang. He is on bail for Abetment to Commit Murder. He was involved in an altercation with police where he fired shots at officers. 

Pei Chuy is also known to police for an incident when the Gang Suppression Unit arrested him for having excess ammunition. He is on bail for that offense. 

According to Palomo, the Coast Guard Commander was informed of the offense Cruz was involved in and they are expected to take further actions.

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