Caught snooping in bedroom affairs, stabbed to chest

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

One of two youths who were caught snooping around on a man and his girlfriend inside their bedroom in Dangriga, ended up being stabbed in the chest –  a wound that punctured one of his lungs.
At around 4:45 last Sunday evening, a 16 year-old boy , ran into the Dangriga Police Station bleeding profusely from a stab wound in the lower chest. 

Police later discovered that the boy, along with a companion, were snooping on Dennis Pineda, 28, as he and his girlfriend spent intimate moments together i a house on Ramos Road that afternoon.
The two snoopers and Pineda, police say, were part of a group which had been socialising in the yard earlier that afternoon, but when Pineda and his girlfriend decided to retire inside the house, two boys from the group decided to peer in.

One of them, a 16 year old, reportedly decided to take a video of whatever he thought was happening inside.  
Pineda, furious at the intrusion upon his privacy,assaulted the youth with the cell phone, broke the phone, and then stabbed the 16 year-old, who is now in the Western Regional Hospital.
Pineda has been charged with attempted murder for the stabbing, but police say they cannot file charges for the assault on the other boy or for breaking his cell phone unless that person makes a formal complaint against Pineda.

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