CARSI invests in Belize’s security

The mobility of the Belize Police Department has increased with ten new motorcycles donated by  the Central American Regional Security Initiative.

The Honda XR-250 motorcycles, valued at BZ$82,000.00, were handed over at the Queen Street Police Station last Friday. 

Sources inside the police department say that while internal discussions on the distribution of the cycles have been made, none have been officially assigned to a specific branch. Police Press Officer Rafael Martinez has confirmed that some will be deployed into several district police formations.

CARSI is a program out of the USA’s State Department to combat the negative effects caused by the drug trade in Central America.

Official US State Department statistics state that since the program’s inception in 2008, the US has spent over US$496 million throughout Central America, upgrading law enforcement and investing in community programs for the regions’ at risk youth.

In Belize between 2011 and this February, CARSI has spent over BZ$22 million on equipment to the Belize’s security forces. CARSI has also funded a number of community programs, including the Youth Success and Drop-in Center located on the second floor of the Commercial Center, and the YWCA snack-shop, which opened last December.

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