Caretaker shot dead on Hummingbird Highway; Older brother also shot weeks earlier

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

José Miguel Abrego, 43, a caretaker of a citrus farm in St. Margaret’s Village on the Hummingbird Highway was shot dead shortly before midnight on Sunday.
Reports say the incident occurredwhile Abrego was talking with a co-worker at his home at mile 36 on the Hummingbird Highway.

Abrego collapsed, and his friend, whose name has been withheld, had to flee because the gunman had fired at him also.

When police arrived at the scene, they discovered Abrego with a bullet wound in his neck and several chop wounds on the nack of his head, suggesting that his killer or killers were hellbent on taking his life.

Abrego’s wife told police that she was upstairs in her home and ran for cover when the gunshots erupted. When the gunfire subsided, she went to look for Abrego and found him lying in his blood.

Abrego had no known enemies reports say, but he has an older brother who was also shot in the abdomen last month.

The attacker in that incident was a man dressed in camouflage with a hood over his head.

The would-be assassin waited for the elder Abrego and shot him in the leg and abdomen as he rode his motorcycle from his workplace at Blue Mountain Ranch on the Hummingbird Highway.

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