Caesar Ridge murder cold and calculated!

Eugene “Corrupt” Palacio, 38, was executed in front of his relative’s house on Caesar Ridge Road on Sunday night.
Belize City Police reported that around 9:30 Sunday night Palacio was shot and killed while standing near a shop in the area.
A lone gunman, coming from Gill Street, shot him in the head and chest and made good his escape.
Palacio was pronounced dead on arrival at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.
Police reported that they are investigating, but the report made no mention of any leads or persons of interest to investigators.
Palacio’s cousin, Georgia Castillo, explained that Palacio had attended a small birthday party of approximately 20 persons Sunday night.
He walked across the street and stood there waiting. One of her other cousins went out to borrow a cigarette lighter from him, and at that very moment the gunman began walking toward them.
Castillo explained that another young woman, who was sitting nearby, saw the person pull out the gun, and tried to warn them. But it was too late. The gunman had already pointed the gun at Palacio’s face.
Palacio reportedly tried to use the cousin who was with him as a shield, but she was much shorter than Palacio, and the attacker was still able to shoot him, causing him to collapse on the ground.
After Palacio fell, Castillo recalled, the gunman bent over him and fired four more shots.
According to Castillo, the gunman was a tall, light-complexioned man, who wore a dark cap over his face, to hide it.
One witness explained that the gunman got out from a car and calmly walked toward his target before he opened fire at close range.
Castillo said that after the first shot, the people at her mother’s party disappeared, and the cousin who Palacio had tried to use as a shield, disappeared also into the nearby bush.
Palacio is the father of a three-year-old son, whom he used to take everywhere with him.

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