Businessman Gilroy Usher Jr. arraigned on aggravated assault charges

Gilroy Usher Jr., 32, the owner of a Belize City pawn shop, and an executive member of COLA, was offered $3,000 bail after he pleaded not guilty to  charges of aggravated assault and harm against Police Constable Edgar Poot, when he appeared before Magistrate Aretha Ford on Monday, August 5.

He was also charged with aggravated assault against Magistrate’s Court bailiff Gabriel Casey.

The incident occurred in Casey’s office at the Magistrate’s Court building around 12:25 on Friday afternoon, August .

According to police, Poot was inside Casey’s office when an argument began between Usher and Casey. Poot attempted to escort Usher out of the office in an effort to de-escalate the altercation; however, Usher allegedly punched the officer in the right side of his face.

The police report, “Usher swung his right hand to his right side, where a black firearm dropped  to the floor.

“P.C. Poot grabbed hold of Usher as he was in fear for his life, as Usher was struggling with him to pick up the firearm.”

Usher denied the police’s version of the incident, in an interview after his arraignment.

He told The Reporter  the police constable assaulted him, when he learnt that a police mobile had arrived at the court to take him away.

Usher said Poot pushed his face against the wall of Casey’s office. He said the police even attempted to have him charged for pulling out his licensed firearm. But he insisted that he did not pull the weapon out. Usher said the weapon fell from his waist, and he was attempting to pick it up.

A condition of Usher’s bail is that his gun remains in police custody.

He returns to court on  September 22nd.

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