Burglar meets death while trying to elude police

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Zach August, 32, a convicted burglar met his death in the wee hours of Sunday morning minutes after he tried to break into La Inmaculada Credit Union in Belmopan.

The burglary attempt occured at around 2 a.m. and someone who saw the crime in progress called the police. Two policemen responded on foot and saw a man who fit the description of the burglar, riding a bike when suddenly he diverted etowards the back of the magistrates’ court.

The policemen set chase and discovered that it was August, a resident of #3 Power Lane. In his haste to get away August rode his bicycle into one of several concrete slabs used for parking demarcation behind the court building.

He fell from his bike, hit his head and face, and suffered a fatal impact. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Western Regional Hospital several minutes later.

Police say August was wearing a ski mask. The beach cruiser bicycle he rode was extensivelydamaged.Police found a heavy duty bolt cutter as the spot where he fell.
An autopsy report confirmed that August died from facial trauma consistent with a fall.

Police later searched August’s house and found a number of stolen items, including 21 cellular phones believed to have been stolen during another burglary from a Chinese store in Belmopan. They also found a number of home appliances.

Police are trying to mach up Belmopan owners with the stolen property. They are being asked visit the Belmopan Police Station to identify their items.
August was released from prison last May after having served eight years for burglary and one year for possession of a controlled drug.

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