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Building inspector shot dead near city hall

By Marion V.Ali, Staff Reporter

Tulio Caceres, 30, a building inspector of Taylor’s Alley, was shot and killed at around 10:30 a.m. on Friday at the corner of North Front Street and Pinks Alley in Belize City.

Caceres was sitting along with two other men when his killer, a youth on a bicycle, emerged from through Pinks Alley and shot him. Though struck, Caceres was able to get up and run, but he collapsed just outside the park on the pavement where the shooter caught up with him and shot him multiple times at close range. Caceres suffered seven bullet wounds to his upper body, including one that ripped through the centre of his back and another that penetrated the right portion of his chest. The choice of weapon was a nine millimeter gun.

According to Officer Commanding the Precinct III substation, Superintendent Gualberto Garcia police are following a couple leads and are looking for two men, but they also appeal to eyewitnesses who were in the busy area to come forth with information. Garcia says that informants can use the 922 hotline number to impart anonymous details.

The north side homicide has investigators from Precinct III puzzled because Caceres was socializing around a park table in an area whose gang is a known enemy to the gang in Caceres’ area. Police are hence looking at the possibility that Caceres was lured to the location.

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