Brothers Al and Patrick Jones captured during shoot-out with cops

Al Young Jones, a 22  year old resident of Banak Street was  shot in the shoulder by police on Magazine Road last Tuesday afternoon after he opened fire at the police.

Doctors at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital patched him up and released him to the police who promptly arrested him.

A Police mobile patrol  on Mosul Street reported that it tried to stop a grey Toyota car  which looked suspicious. The car  sped on into Vernon Street, with the  police in hot pursuit.

The car  turned into Magazine Road and came to  a stop  at  Banak Street, near the Matron Roberts Health Center.  Two men got out of the car and began to fire live bullets at police. 

The cops subdued both men when one was hit in the shoulder when the  police returned fire.

The men in the car have been identified as  Al Young Jones and  Patrick Eric Jones, 19, both of Taylor’s Alley, Belize City.

Patrick Jones is believed to be  an affiliate of the Taylor Alley Gang. He has been a target of rival gangs for some time   About three weeks ago someone hurled a  training grenade at his mother’s house on Banak Street, but the grenade did not explode.

Prior to that rivals tried to burn down her  Banak Street house  and  shot several holes into it.

Police say have they recovered a Glock .9mm pistol from the men  with (17) live rounds.

Both brothers are expected to face indictable  charges, including possession of an  unlicensed gun and bullets..

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