Brother hacks sister to death

By Michelle Sutherland

A young Belize City mother was gruesomely chopped to death on Sunday night, allegedly by her own brother Elijah Blake, who was been detained by police for the shocking murder.

The incident happened outside of 29-year-old Julian Blake’s St. Peter’s street home.

Police say that on March 19, cops responded to reports of a chopping incident and visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where they observed Julian with multiple chop wounds to her head, arms and other parts of the body.

Around 6:00 on Sunday night, Blake got off from work and went for her 6-year-old son when she was ambushed by her brother, who was hiding under a tree in the yard. Elijah allegedly chopped her several times, almost severing one of her wrists.

He allegedly chase her as she ran out of the yard, where she fell into a drain as he continued attacking her with a machette. The incident unfolded in the presence of Julian’s son, who witness the entire ordeal.

Authorities were alerted by concerned neighbors who told police that they heard several screams from Blake’s home. Julian was seen exiting her yard, bleeding profusely from several chop wounds to various part of her body.

No motive has been established for the brutal murder, however, it is believed that a dispute over some stolen documents may have played a role in the outcome.

Blake was transported to the hospital where she was rushed into the operating theater but succumbed to her injuries on Monday afternoon.

Police have detained Elijah, who is expected to have his charges upgraded to murder.

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