Brazen mid-afternoon robbery downtown leaves Taiwanese Embassy $70,000 short

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

The Embassy of Taiwan in Belize City this week suffered a significant loss when a thief brazenly robbed the embassy’s driver of $70,000, which belonged to the embassy.
The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. on Monday, as the driver left the Belize Bank in downtown Belize City.

The victim, according to one account, parked the embassy’s vehicle in the customers’ parking lot on the right side of the bank, on Albert Street and went inside to conduct business. About a half hour later, he emerged from the bank with a brown manila envelope in his hand, walked back to the vehicle and got in.

A robber, who an eyewitness say stood near the Albert Street taxi stand, rode up against the flow of traffic, put down the bike he was riding, walked over to the vehicle and tapped on the window. The driver lowered the window, and came face to face with a gun. The gunman, who wore dark shades and a cap pulled low on his forehead, demanded the envelope with the money. After getting the envelope he mounted his bicycle and rode away up Albert Street and disappeared.

City police, who have no suspects at this time, have promised to carry out a thorough investigation into this robbery.
They have conducted searches at specific location in an effort to try and recover the money.

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