Brazen heist at Scotia Bank Spanish lookout branch

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

Three brazen gunmen are on the run from San Ignacio police with an undisclosed amount of cash after they successfully breached security protocols at the Scotia Bank branch in Spanish Lookout, Cayo on Wednesday morning.
But even before the brazen heist was committed, the thieves reportedly kidnapped an elderly taximan from the Belmopan terminal earlier that morning and used his cab as their get-away ride in the commission of the crime.
At around 9:20 a.m, that day, the men who were reportedly masked and armed with what appeared to be a shotgun and two pistols, walked into the bank and held up the assistant manager of the establishment, robbing him of an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police have not issued much details on the incident, and it is not certain how the men were able to evade the security guard who was stationed at the bank at the time, or how police officers who were on duty at the police station just beside the bank were not alerted of the commotion next door.
While no one was injured in the holdup, police say that 62-year-old-Oscar Cordon reported to them that while he was at the terminal that morning, he was approached by three hispanic men who asked him to take them on a trip.
Cordon said that when he refused, the men forced him into his vehicle. He was later thrown into the trunk of his car and was driven to an area near the Buena Vista junction in the Cayo district where he was taken out, tied up, shot to his left hand and left there.

On Thursday the police press office indicated that investigators are following several leads, however no arrest have been made.
This is the second robbery to be reported at the same bank. In January of 2010, five armed robbers made off with $300,000, killing an unarmed security guard and injuring two customers in the process.

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