Boy, 4, shot dead in front of his home & family

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

The Abraham and Goff families of Nurse Finley Crescent in Belize City and the children who attend Port Loyola Primary School on Faber’s Road are in mourning over the loss of Treshawn Goff, 4, who was shot dead in front of his home on Monday night. While the bullet in his head rendered him unconscious, he lived until after dawn on Tuesday.

His mother, Latifah Sutherland, relived the painful moments from the time she heard a barrage of gunshots break the silence of the night sometime around 7:00 p.m. Treshawn had just had supper and went to the street side to accompany his grandfather, Ian Abraham Sr., and uncle, Ian Jr. When she looked outside upon hearing the gunshots, Sutherland said she saw a dark blue car passing by with its lights off and someone rolling up the tinted rear window on the same side facing their house.

Treshawn's teacher comforts his mother

Treshawn’s teacher comforts his mother

Sutherland’s plans for her son’s fifth birthday in June were crushed when she saw Treshawn’s tiny body lying behind car where he hid to shun the attack. One of the bullets had apparently ricocheted off the car and struck him in the right side of the head. How this mother will now tell Treshawn’s two year-old sister that she will never see her big brother again is something she says she does not know she can do.

His teacher, Michelle Dolmo, told the Reporter that on Monday at school, Treshawn told her that he missed her when she was away from the classroom last week due to illness. She said he told her, in casual four-year-old conversation, that he would be a good boy in her class because he wanted to see her happy. That memory of him, she told us, will remain with her well into the future.

Also shot along with Treshawn in the incident were Ian Abraham Jr., 24, who suffered a gunshot wound to the lower right side of the back. He is in stable condition. His family has no clue who would want to hurt them because they say that they have no qualms with anyone. Even with the slaying of the four-year-old, Sutherland says she forgives his killer.

Police have no suspects or motive for the fatal shooting and are investigating.

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