Body found in Corozal still unidentified

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

The body of a woman found in Corozal still remains unidentified and police say they have very little leads to go on.

Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, O.C. Corozal Police told The Reporter on Thursday that no-one has come forward to claim the victim as family and that no-one in the Corozal district has been reported as missing.

Ramirez explained that there are cases of missing persons in other disctrics and police from those jurisdictions are working to determine is the body could be one of the missing persons.

On Tuesday a resident of the area discovered the body of a dark complexion woman nude and partially decomposed.

Police visited the area about a mile out of Chan Chen village heading towards Patchakan around 2:35 p.m. on Tuesday. According to Ramirez, the woman was found with no hair and several wounds to the hair and face.

According to Ramirez the right hand was also severed but investigators believe the decapitation may be the result of predators in the area feeding on the remains.

Initial investigations reveal that the body may have been dumped in that location and the murder was committed elsewhere. There was no blood or any other evidence found at the scene where the body was discovered.
Due to the advanced state of decomposition the post mortem was conducted at the scene and the body was buried on Wednesday morning.

The post-mortem revealed that the trauma, which the victim received to her head, was the cause of death. Investigators believe the body may have been dumped in the area from Sunday.

According to Ramirez the deceased woman had two silver upper teeth and was wearing orange nail polish on her toes. Ramirez said that they are hoping the family will recognize the characteristics and come forward to positively identify the body.

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