Belizean-American charged for road-rage shooting of fire captain

By Michelle Sutherland

A Belizean-American living in Phoenix, Arizona was detained over the weekend by police there after he allegedly, turned himself in and confessed to shooting an off-duty fire captain during a confrontation in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday night.

Kyle Brayer 34, Fire captain.

Kyle Brayer 34, Fire captain.

Hezron Parks was handed over to Scottsdale police where he was charged with second-degree murder in relation to the death of Kyle Brayer, 34. Court papers show that he was released on $300,000 bail and placed under electronic surveillance since he is considered a flight risk.
On Sunday February 4th, just after 2:30 a.m., Parks was making his way home after he was kicked out and denied entry into several nightclubs when he came across Bryer who was riding on the back of a golf cart in the company of several other persons.

While driving directly behind the golf cart, Parks bumped the rear of the golfcart with the front end of his vehicle. The driver of the golf cart then pulled to the side of the road and Brayer exited from the golf cart and approached Parks from the driver’s side of the vehicle when he was shot to the head.
During his alleged confession to police, Parks told authorities that Brayer approached his vehicle without saying a word and had his empty hands up in the air, however, he felt threatened when the Brayer moved towards him .

Police say Parks had fled the scene, and handed himself in after watching extensive news coverage of the shooting. In his haste to make a clean get away, he slammed into several vehicles, leaving his bumper behind.

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