Belize City man “flashes”; Dangriga man lashes…to death

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A Belize City man was beaten to death after exposing himself to a little girl and one Dangriga man has been charged with murder, as police look for three other suspects linked to the daylight beating.

Anwar Garbutt, 34, was in the “Back-a-Town” community in Dangriga, around 8:00 on Monday morning, when he exposed himself by pulling down his pants in plain view of a little girl.
The girl’s screams alerted nearby residents, and several men chased afterGarbutt.

When they caught him, they tied his arms to his side and beat him with two planks of 2 X 4 wood. They hurled bottles, rocks and tools, until the man fell face-down face down on the street – dead.

As a result, Dangriga police have arrested and charged Ryan “Bloggo” McKenzie with murder. Police are looking for three other men who took part in the vigilante action.
At first, a large group of mostly men set chase after Garbutt. But one main suspect, aided by three others, tied him up and beat him. 

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mark Stephens, who is the acting commander of the Dangriga Police formation, told the media this week that Garbutt sought refuge underneath a house on Mango Street.

His pursuers dragged him out to Isla Road and carried out the fatal beating in open view of passersby.  By the time the police were summoned to the scene around 9:00 a.m. Garbutt lay dead on the street.

Originally from Belize City, Garbutt had relocated to Dangriga some months ago. Reports say he indulged himself by exposing his private parts to little girls. 

He had been convicted of indecent exposure to young girls prior to Monday’s incident, but several persons have subsequently complained that he was still doing the same thing in another community in the Stann Creek district. 
Garbutt had also been charged once with possession of a gun and of drug possession.

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