Beater gets 5 years for mauling mate

By Anita Nembhard
Freelance Reporter

Thomas Card is spending time in jail for beating his former-common law wife unconscious on the street.

He is to serve a five-year sentence, which is to run concurrently with three-years of jail time that he got on Monday at the Belize Family Court, for breach of a protection order against his ex. \ He was also fined $3,000 to pay immediately. In default, he would receive an additional year and a half behind bars.

Claire Kelly claims that she was walking her five-year-old daughter to school on June 9th, 2015, when she met her ex and allowed him to walk with his daughter for a while, despite a restraining order against him.
When Kelly ended the walk, Card became enraged and slapped her across her face so hard, that she fell to the ground. Card then bent over and continued to beat her, until she consciousness.
In court Card claimed that Kelly’s new boyfriend rode up on a bike and hit him in his mouth while he walked his daughter. He claims he counter-punched, but hit Kelly instead of the boyfriend.

Card explained that he ran after the guy and while he was gone someone else on a bike rode up, hitting Kelly on the face, bruising her badly.
Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith called his version of the events a “fairy tale” and gave him five years for wounding.

Card has two other violence offense charges pending against him for an aggravated assault incident, involving a machete.

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