Bar brawl ends in death! Security guard charged with murder

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

An argument between two security guards and two patrons over entrance fees at the Blue House Bar, between miles eight and nine on the Phillip Goldson Highway, ended in the death of Wilmer Cisneros, 41, one of the patrons.

The incident occurred on Saturday, April 25 around 1 p.m. and relatives believe the spat could have been averted before it led to bloodshed.

Police say that the engineering supervisor who worked at M & M Engineering for well over a decade, was at the bar with Roger Jimenez when the guards approached them regarding an entrance fee.  That led to a fight and in the process, Jimenez was stabbed in his shoulder and Cisneros was stabbed in the chest and abdomen.  Cisneros died at the scene.

Police initially detained the two security guards hired at the establishment, but eventually released one and arrested and charged Dyron Hamilton with murder.  Initial reports say that the guards claimed self-defence but police took statements from people who were present at the bar and have also interviewed the other stabbing victim, Jimenez. 

Based on the instructions from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions’ (DPP) , police charged Hamilton.
Cisneros’ relatives have countered the argument that he was stabbed in self-defence, saying that, based on the information they have received from people at the bar that night, Cisneros and Jimenez arrived at the establishment two hours before the 9 o’clock entrance charge is effected, and when they arrived there were no security guards stationed at the door.  The family members say the men were already seated, drinking beers when the guards approached them.  Cisneros, they say, was only parting the fight that had ensued between Jimenez and the guards when he suffered the fatal stab wounds.

The family has gone beyond that to say that Cisneros, a father of two little girls and a third child due in two months, never carried a weapon, so he could never have produced the knife. They are demanding justice for the incident.

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