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Robber shot following robbery at Scotiabank, Belmopan

By Marion V. Ali

Belmopan police are preparing charges against an alleged robber who brazenly robbed a customer inside Scotiabank in Belmopan before being shot upon his escape this morning.

The incident occurred sometime after nine this morning when the customer was about to make a deposit inside the bank. Reports are that the robber waited until the customer placed the bag on the counter before he decided to pounce.

The thief ran with the money bag through the bank’s parking lot, but a policeman who was on patrol set chase and apprehended him behind Print Belize. During that apprehension, the culprit reportedly approached the policeman with a machete and it was then that the policeman drew his service weapon and shot him in the abdomen and left leg.

Cannon Obispo, 27, a villager of Teakettle, is admitted to ward at the Western Regional Hospital with gunshot wounds to his abdomen and left leg.

The policeman who was injured in the encounter remains unidentified.

Plus TV is reporting that just before his robbery inside the bank, Obispo allegedly stole over $200 worth of clothing from Classics Store nearby then walked out without paying for them. The report continues that he walked right over to Scotiabank where he carried out the robbery.

The Reporter has learned that the thief got away with around $6,500 in cash, but police say that by the time he was apprehended $1,000 was missing from the money bag.

The policeman’s identity is still unknown.

(Pic: Plus TV)

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