Attempted Murder witness killed at wake

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Twenty-nine-year-old Kenroy “Bouncer” Arnold was ambushed, shot and killed on Saturday night in Ladyville as he attended the wake of another recent murder victim. His family alleges he was killed because he was supposed to testify in an upcoming attempted murder case.

According to Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, police have revealed that Arnold was standing at the front of the yard on Perez Road in Ladyville along with another person, when a trio of men who had apparently been lay-waiting him, ambushed them and one opened fire on Arnold, causing his fatal injuries.

A witness, who was at the residence in Ladyville at the time of the murder, told the media that they heard three shots and saw Arnold running to the front of the house. As he ran toward her room, the gunman who was waiting on him, fired another shot.

The witness said Arnold pulled open her door, leaving her exposed. She begged him not to shoot but instinctively ran. The gunman fired three shots at her but she managed to escape unharmed. She now fears for her life.

After the sequence of events, Arnold laid on the bed in the room injured and bleeding. The family and others at the scene have since accused officers of taking too long to respond, thereby keeping Arnold from receiving potentially life-saving treatment.

Ladyville OC Inspector Frederick Gordon has disputed that allegation, saying his instructions to officers were to take arnold to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital as soon as possible.

Martinez said police have been unable to establish a motive for the murder but said Arnold was known to police and has been charged and convicted of several crimes in the past.

And while police have yet to determine a motive, Kazia Arnold, the victim’s sister said that her brother was shot two months ago on March 12 and since then had been receiving death threats. Arnold was supposed to testify as a witness in an attempted murder case against the men accused of shooting him.
The family strongly believes that factor was the motivation behind their loved one’s murder. Arnold intended to drop the case but never got the chance to do so.

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