Arson leaves family of five homeless

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

A family of five, including three little girls, is homeless after a fire, deliberately set. destroyed their home on Monday just before 9 p.m. in Lord’s Bank.

Homeowner Dorian Russel, father of three girls, aged two, four and six, said he and his family were on their way to a party and stopped at a shop when someone told them that their house was on fire.

Russel said they rushed back but the house was completely consumed by flames and nothing could be salvaged.
Russel said his family has lost everything including his DJ equipment, which he uses as a means of livelihood as well as other valuables such as his laptop, tv, home appliances, passports, children’s uniforms and school supplies. Even the family dog was killed in the blaze.

The Fire Department has since confirmed that the fire was a case of arson. The home did not have electricity. The family kept their home lit by battery-powered lamps and flourescent lights. Russel estimated the home and its contents to be worth about $25,000 and said it was not insured.

Russel said he is not involved in any confrontations and does not know why anyone would want to target him or his family.
He recalled, though, that several months ago there was a group of people in the area that threatened to burn his home down, but he never took the threat seriously.

According to Russel, he was directed by the Fire Department to have police follow the matter up but the damage has been done.
If anyone is interested in assisting Russel or his family in anyway his cellular number is 667-3066.

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