Army volunteer ambushed and murdered

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Denver Villafranco, 24, a BDF volunteer soldier was attacked and stabbed to death in Belize City last Saturday night, and police have charged two brothers for the murder.

Villafranco was walking on Complex Avenue shortly after 7 p.m. when three men attacked him as he reached the junction with Sunflower Street, just a block away from his mother’s house. Villafranco had just celebrated his 23rd birthday a few days earlier.

Eyewitnesses said one of the attackers hit Villafranco in the head with a crowbar and held him down in the drain while another stabbed him.

Police Superitendent, Hilberto Romero, the officer commanding the Eastern Division’s Crimes Investigations Branch said Villafranco was involved in a fight on the night before and that the Saturday night attack was in reprisal. Villafranco’s family has vehemently denied this version of events, saying that Denver was not a part of any fight, but simply parted a fight between a friend of his and a group of men.

Police investigators believe they have recovered the murder weapon.
Villafranco, a member of the BDF Bravo Company since the age of 16, had just completed battle training one month ago.

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