Armed youth shot dead during face-off with intended victim

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A youn man who pulled a gun on a manhe was attemptingto rob was shot and killed around 7 Sunday,night on Costa Rica Street Extension in Belmopan.

Nineteen year-old Kevin Vasquez, a welder, reportedly accosted Mark Conorquie, 31, who was standing outside his house in the Salvapan area, of Belmopan.

Conorquie told police that the youth reached for a gun in his waist and Cornoqui went into attack mode.  The two men struggled and during the struggle the gun that Vasquez was carrying was discharged three times.  Vasquez received bullet wounds to his head, chest and upper leg. 

Police have not yet labelled the killing since their investigation is not complete.  Superintendent Howell Gillett,Officer commanding the Belmopan Police Station, has said that the weapon used in the shooting was a .38 calibre revolver.  He added that police have narrowed the motive down to two probable causes, but he has not said what those causessare.
He also said that while Vasquez has never been convicted of any criminal offence, he has been charged for kidnapping and attempted murder and his name was called with respect to a burglary in the Belmopan. 

Meanwhile, police are also looking for individuals who they believe know of or played a role in the Sunday night shooting.

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