Ardon Belgrave shot dead

Belize City, Wed. Mar. 20, 2013 

crBelize City police are yet to identify the gunman responsible for Tuesday morning’s cold-blooded murder of Belize City Council maintenance worker, Ardon Belgrave, 26.

According to neighbourhood residents, Belgrave and a couple of his co-workers were standing in the shade of an almond tree on Caesar Ridge Road, when he was  shot by a dark complexioned teenager who was reportedly chasing and shooting at another boy in a high school uniform.

The gunman, who was reportedly dressed in a brown shirt and short blue jeans pants, fired several more shots at his intended target, neighbours say, but the student managed to escape.

Neighbours say the gunman then turned on Belgrave, who was already lying on the ground from the initial wound, and shot him several more times.

According to police, Belgrave was shot to the back of his head, forehead, left hand, and left buttocks.

“Seven 9mm expended shells and a slug were retrieved from the scene,” police say.

The Scenes of Crime Unit also recovered Belgrave’s cap and sunglasses, which were lying beside the body.

Some 45 minutes passed before a Police mobile unit removed Belgrave’s corpse to the morgue.

Belgrave and his colleagues had finished work and were awaiting the City Council truck, which was to come and pick them up.

Ardon’s father, Wallace Belgrave, said he was so stunned by the news that the message had to be repeated to him a number of times before he accepted that his son was dead.

Wallace is a widower who had already lost one son in a stabbing incident seven years ago. He said he recently lost a daughter.

Now, he must mourn the loss of a third child. The bereaved family has said they will leave justice for Ardon’s death in God’s hands.

Ardon was said to be a hard-working father of a 3-year-old child.

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