American sex offender caught in Belize

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Another American fugitive wanted for charges related to sexual offenses has been caught in Belize and deported back to the US to answer those charges.

On Monday, David Long, 63, who is wanted in Shawnee County, Kansas was apprehended by US Marshals in Unitedville in the Cayo District, where he had been living for some time. Long is wanted for violating the US sex Offender Registration Act.

Long is just the most recent of a growing number of US sex offenders and American fugitives seeking refuge in Belize.
Last month an American teacher, David Wendel Thompson, of Tampa, Florida was sentenced to 15 years in prison for trying to entice two 15-year-old girls in Belize into sexual activity using Facebook to make contact with the girls.

A report from the US State Department issued last year said child sex tourism involving US citizens is an emerging trend in Belize and is being facilitated primarily through the use of social-media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Those companies have cracked down on instances of child exploitation, resulting in the arrest of Thompson last year and several other predators.

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