Accused burglar leaves finger prints behind and gets busted

CRLouis Romero was remanded into custody, after he was arraigned before Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith on a charge of burglary, on Monday, February 18.

Police arrested and charged Romero after scenes of crimes technicians matched his finger prints with those lifted from the crime scene.

Romero pleaded not guilty to the charge, but the court prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that burglary is a prevalent crime and if granted bail, the accused might interfere with the police’s investigation, which is still on-going.

The prosecutor also objected on the grounds that the prosecution has a strong case against the accused and that the accused man knows where the virtual complainant lives and could interfere.

Besides, the prosecution submitted, none of the stolen items had been recovered.

On January 28, the home of Kevan Jenkins, located on Lumber Yard Crescent, was burglarized.

Jenkins, who is the Belize City Council Traffic Manager, reported the incident to police and scenes of crimes technicians were dispatched to search for finger prints evidence.

A number of assorted jewelry was stolen from Jenkins home, as well as some footwear and $150 in cash. The total haul from the home amounted to $1,250.

When he was asked to respond to the prosecution’s objection to granting him bail, Romero said he has not come before the courts for over three years and that he has reformed his criminal ways.

He added that the way the police handled the charge at the police station, he could not say a word.

His court record indicated that he owes the court $155 for possession of controlled drug.

Smith is to return to court on April 9.

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