6 year-old dead after buggy and pickup collides

By Michelle Sutherland


A six year old child is dead, while several of his siblings are recovering from injuries they sustained after a horse and cart buggy that they were traveling in was involved in a collision with a Dodge Ram Pickup truck.


At approximately 12:00 p.m on Saturday April 8, 2017, 10-year old Jacobo Thiesen, accompanied by his siblings, 7 year-old Pedro, 6 year old Johan, 4 year-old Heinrich and 1 year-old Gerrado, were traveling on board a buggy on the Ship Yard Village road when it is alleged that a pick up truck driven at the time by 27 year-old Jose Felipe Cuellar, collided into their transport causing it to flip over.


As a result of the collission the occupants were all thrown to the pavement where 6 year old Johan Thiesen sustained severe head and body injuries and died while being transported to the Northern Regional Hospital.


Four year old, Heinrich is currently receiving treatment at the Northern Regional Hospital for injuries he received to his head and abrasions to the left ankle.


Jacobo Thiesen who was in control  of the horse and buggy received minor injuries along with the remainder of his siblings, they were all treated and release from the hospital.


Police say that they have since issued a notice of intended prosecution to Cuellar. Investigators say that the laws of Belize have certain specification as to the age of drivers of motor vehicle, however there are no laws governing the age of persons driving a horse and buggy.


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