15 year old Surie Baeza stabbed to death by stepdad

Reports from Rockwall, Texas, say 41-year-old Juan Enrique Torres, a Belizean, has confessed to killing his step-daughter, 15-year old Surie Baeza, during a knife attack.

The stabbing took place in Surie’s home  last Tuesday. Surie, who was born in Orange Walk, lived with her mom in the Dallas suburb. Torres also lived with them at one time.

Surie Baeza took a day off from school because she wasn’t feeling well, and got into an argument with her stepfather over money. The argument became more intense after she threatened to call 911.

Torres, reports say, followed her back into her room  and attacked her with a knife.

Surie was discovered in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds to the torso. Rockwall Police Department confirmed her death as a homicide. Her autopsy revealed she had defensive wounds indicating she put up a fight. There was no evidence of sexual assault.

Torres was in jail after a traffic arres for  adriving with a suspended Wednesday night.

He had served probation in 2008 on domestic charges. He was interviewed after the tragic death but was not a suspect. He submitted a written confession two days later, after having ample time to think things through.

He told detectives that he argued with Surie on Tuesday morning and stabbed her in a  “a fit of rage.” It had to do with taking her to the pawn shop to have something repaired or dropped off, but she refused and the argument developed from there.

He revealed to detectives that he struck Surie with a wooden closet rod, stabbed her and then locked the bedroom door. He also confessed that he cleaned the knife and placed it back in the kitchen drawer and, when he left, he threw away any bloody item.

Friends and family of Surie Baeza held a vigil  for her on Friday, November 2, 2012. Friends remember her as always cracking jokes and being really sweet to everyone. Also a fund has been set up to assist the Baeza family with funeral expenses.

Surie was a sophomore at the Rockwall Health High School. Torres was in a relationship with her mother for eight years, and recently moved out.

Torres has been formally charged and bail was set at  $1 million.

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